The Dynamis Group

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Selection and Training

Behavioral Interviewing is using past behavior to predict future behavior in a new position.  Read More

Training - We facilitate the development of leaders through workshops and mentoring processes . . .  Read More

Emotional Intelligence

 Build on Your Foundation -- You, like many other leaders, are smart, successful, and have spent years developing yourself: by getting the right degree, reading, taking continuing education courses. This is all important.  But you may have forgotten about one very important skill ... Read More

Spotlight on EQ and Selection

No doubt emotional intelligence is more rare than book smarts, but my experience says it is actually more important in the making of a leader.

Jack Welch


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Staff Development

Team Building: Coach teams through the dynamics of team development so they gain an understanding of self and others and develop key practices for effective team performance.

Intercultural Training: Help short and long-term sojourners develop an effective posture and skill set for entering new cultures, a foundational task in fulfilling their Kingdon calling.

Adult Learning: Help managers and trainers gain an understanding of adults as learners and how to engage them in participatory approaches that release growth and promote ownership of and commitment to change.

Leadership Development

Leadership Training: Facilitate the development of leaders through workshops and mentoring processes that promote servant leadership, personal growth and change in behavior.

Executive Coaching: Help leaders and managers develop effective practices by identifying key growth areas that increase their leadership impact in the organization and their own groups.

Organizational Development

Facilitation: Provide professional facilitation service to groups who want to reach goals in an imparital, disciplined, participatory and empowering manner.

Strategic Leadership (Planning): Through a learning, participatory approach, help organizations clarify their mission, gain a clearer understanding of their realities, develop strategic directions and create short and long-term plans of action. The process uses leadership/management and spiritual disciplines.

Change Management: Help groups develop change strategies that incorporate people, organizational and task due diligence, resulting in effective incorporation of new practices.

Board Coaching: Help boards develop a strategic mindset and practices consistent with effective governance.

Curriculum/Training Design:

Help groups develop learning opportunites that meet unique needs and promote changes in understanding, attitudes and practice.


Ken nurtures the process of group discovery in a natural, unimposing way that results in group ownership. He relates well cross-culturally and builds trust leading to valuable individual contribution and group dynamics.

Joe Harbison, Regional Director for Asia, World Concern