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Selection and Training

Behavioral Interviewing is using past behavior to predict future behavior in a new position.  Read More

Training - We facilitate the development of leaders through workshops and mentoring processes . . .  Read More

Emotional Intelligence

 Build on Your Foundation -- You, like many other leaders, are smart, successful, and have spent years developing yourself: by getting the right degree, reading, taking continuing education courses. This is all important.  But you may have forgotten about one very important skill ... Read More

Spotlight on EQ and Selection

The majority of hiring mistakes made each day could have been prevented if the people responsible for hiring simply did a more effective job of determining exactly what they were looking for before they started to look.

Robert Half, On Hiring

Selection -- Build on Your Foundation - Expand Your Ability

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Selection -- Build on Your Foundation
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MeetingThe training and coaching will be based on two disciplines: talent management and behavioral interviewing.

What is Talent Management? It is understanding the basic human inclinations required by effective people for the specific position; the way they think, relate and approach life.
What is Behavioral Interviewing? It is using past behavior to predict future behavior in the new position.
Of course using both of these disciplines require that you do your home work in identifying the critical abilities for the new position so they you can focus on finding the candidate that is the best fit for the job. For example, a woman returning to the workforce can demonstrate the key behaviors as a mom, volunteer, etc. First time college graduate can do the same with their college life. But it takes understanding and discipline to effectively hire the right individual.  

You will follow a four-stage process in hiring the person who has the skills and talents to be an excellent fit for an open position.

1.    Recruitment
2.    Screening
3.    Selection
4.    Hiring
Each stage will use the disciplines of Talent Management and Behavioral Interviewing to increase the ability to fit the needs of the position with the capabilities and skills of the candidates.  Additional orientation training is available to help you effectively integrate the new employee during the critical first few weeks.



Ken has an unusual understanding of people, what motivates them and how to help them grow and develop to the full potential that God has placed within them. He is always looking for a way to improve the process, is a critical thinker and has the ability to make a contribution to you as an individual or to your organization.

C.E. Crouse, CPA
Partner, Capin Crouse, LLP