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Selection and Training

Behavioral Interviewing is using past behavior to predict future behavior in a new position.  Read More

Training - We facilitate the development of leaders through workshops and mentoring processes . . .  Read More

Emotional Intelligence

 Build on Your Foundation -- You, like many other leaders, are smart, successful, and have spent years developing yourself: by getting the right degree, reading, taking continuing education courses. This is all important.  But you may have forgotten about one very important skill ... Read More

Spotlight on EQ and Selection

Hiring the wrong person costs the organization much more than most managers think. Organizations have found that is costs from 35 to 100% of an employee’s salary in direct and indirect costs.

Richard Deems, Interviewing: More Than a Gut Feeling

EQ - Build on Your Foundation - Explore Your Emotional Intelligence

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EQ - Build on Your Foundation
Explore Your Emotional Intelligence
Be Intentional -- Start Now
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GlobeWhat is Emotional Intelligence? It is the ability to recognize and understand emotions and develop the skills to use them in managing yourself and your relationships.

Dr. Reuven BarOn has created two instruments to help you identify your own EQ: a self report (EQi), and a tool utilizing the feedback from your supervisor,peers and reports (EQ360).

Both instruments examine 15 different aspects built around 5 major themes. You will follow a four-step process in sharpening you EQ through these tools:

1.    Become aware of your own emotional practices and patterns.

2.    Learn to recognize and manage your own emotions productively.

3.    Recognize and understand emotional responses of others.

4.    Sharpen your ability to successfully manage interactions.                                    

Over 80,000 managers and leaders have found that EQ makes an enormous difference. In fact, your results will be compared with the results of thousands of other leaders and managers like yourself, giving you real-life feedback.
It can make a difference for you like it did for the Air Force. The US Air Force used emotional intelligence to select recruiters, increasing their ability to predict success by three-fold, and in the process gained a savings of $3 million annually.  (BarOn in Druskat, et al., Linking Emotional Intelligence and Performance at Work, 2006.)



Ken nurtures the process of group discovery in a natural, unimposing way that results in group ownership. He relates well cross-culturally and builds trust leading to valuable individual contribution and group dynamics.

Joe Harbison, Regional Director for Asia, World Concern